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All About Ayurveda, Ayurveda Herbs and Indian Ayurveda Home Remedies


For the information of our website visitors who keep an interest and curiosity about Ayurveda Shastra , we have compiled some topics, ayurveda tips and references which are useful and beneficial in the daily routine life. Here we are listing some Ayurveda views which put some light on the role of our karmas responsible for getting disease and illness. We will also discuss Ayurveda's views on Sexual Health, Psychology of Sex, Sexual Health and sexual energy.
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy
Sexual Energy

Ayurveda believes that the major cause of our body getting diseased is our Karma . . Our karmas are responsible for our body getting ill or diseased. This is the reason why Biovatica insists on good aachar-vichar ( good thinking and discipline) and aahar-vihaar (Lifestyle and eating habit). Good eating habits, mental discipline and appropriate lifestyle are the secrets of health and happiness.
ayurveda karma

First thing is, nobody can live without karma or without doing karma . We keep doing some type of karma always.
ayurveda good karma

Each and every moment we keep doing some kind of karma . Ayurveda says, in this world karma is most important thing. Nothing happens without karma . No living creature can live in this world without doing karma . Everyone is doing something every time. Now a very interesting thing is that in “not doing anything”, “doing” has to be said and again in “not doing”, “doing” has to be said. Which means “not doing” is also one type of karma . Just like “speaking” is karma, “not speaking” is also one kind of karma. Which means “keeping quiet” is also karma. Take one more example. Currently you are reading this article so obviously you are doing one karma because reading is also karma. Now if you stop reading and put your laptop on one side then it doesn't mean that now you are not doing any karma. You have stopped reading only means that you are not doing the karma of reading. But still you are doing some karma. Not doing anything or “sitting idle” is also one kind of karma. Sitting without work, lying down or sleeping is also doing karma. That's why Ayurveda has called the karma most important thing in the world. It keeps happen always, done continuously and it is impossible to get rid of it. Not only humans but all living beings are always indulged in karma. Even sun, moon, all planets, satellites, our earth and each and every particle of our earth are continuously doing karma and indulged in karma. All physical elements are doing karma. Moving around, rising-falling, development-destruction all activities are visible. All these activities come under karma.
ayurveda karma
ayurveda karma

After reading these details you must have understood the importance and necessity of karma. And you can certainly accept this fact that not only we, but nobody cannot be without karma for even a moment. This fact needs to be always kept in our mind and we will have to remain aware about this fact. This awareness is the base of upliftment, development and welfare of our soul.

Now, when karma is proven as compulsory, obligatory and paramount, and also proven our partner of every moment, then it becomes compulsory and paramount for us to take care of our karma, to understand the importance and usefulness of karma, and to indulge in such karma which are pleasing, healer and progressive.
ayurveda karma

Ayurveda, Mental Stress and Tension
ayurveda stress

Mental stress (or tension) is one of the many causes which negatively affect our health. In today's time having mental pressure, stress or tension has become a minor issue because it is a part of modern thinking and lifestyle. People become stressed on small things but they are unaware of the fact that these small issues can cause serious health issues or diseases.
ayurveda stressayurveda stress

Protecting the health means our mental and physical condition must stay neutral, normal and naturalistic. Doing such efforts like following a disciplined lifestyle, aachaar-vichaar and aahar-vihaar. Out of several health-protecting efforts, one effort is to prevent mental stress or tension.

Today we are in such advanced, developed and prosperous condition which was not imaginable by our ancestors. But with this we are also suffering from many types of problems, troubles and diseases. This fact cannot be negated. Several problems and issues have made our life difficult.

ayurveda Purushartha ayurveda Purusharthas

In our culture 4 purushaarths are told for human beings. These are dharma, arth, kaam and moksha . Dharma is considered the first stair of purushaarths because purushaarth must be started with dharma . So that we can stay clear of adharma. But the dust and filth of this world has submerged this first stair of dharma. That's why today's man's first step lands directly on the stair of “Arth”, which means money. Today dharma has been replaced by dhan (money). And the respect enjoyed by dharma some time back, has now being enjoyed by dhan . today a man can do anything for dhan. And is actually doing these days. It is not that dhan was not respected earlier. dhan's value and importance has always been intact but in earlier times, dhan's position was below dharma . Dhan used to be acquired by dharma. In earlier times dhan was earned in a justified and ethical manner. But today money is earned only with money, and not dharma . Today money is earned by giving importance to only money.

Out of four purushaarths , dharma is suppressed below the ground and the stair of dhan (money) has become the first stair. The person indulged in making money is always worried and tense about earning more money or increasing money. Such person thinks about money in day and night. Always. 24/7 he is worried about only money and incomes.so it is very obvious that he will get stressed and tensed. Once stressed, he will certainly become tired and ultimately will become ill, diseased or unhealthy. That's why “stress” or “tension” has become today's major problems. Talk does not end only here. After the stair of dhan, steps land on the next purushaarth called “kaam”. This means sexual desires, sex, luxury and ambitions. After getting money, person thinks of doing some enjoyment which he finds in sexual activities. There is no end to the habit of getting enjoyed from luxuries and sexual activities.

In today's man's life only two purushaarths are remained which are arth and kaam . The stair of dharma is suppressed below the ground so it is not visible to anybody anymore. So this first stair is neither visible to anybody nor anybody cares about it. Therefore, today's human is stuck in the web of “arth” which is money and “kaam” which is sexual activities and enjoyment. Now remains the fourth purushaarth named “ moksha ”. Now if people get some time from kaam and arth , only then they will think about moksha . So nobody thinks about it.

In other words, after indulging in money and sex, today's human has become sadder instead of becoming happy. He has become less wealthy but more troubled. Instead of enjoying with happiness and facilities, he is struggling with sorrow and confusion. Now it is worth thinking why this is happening? And what are the reason and causes behind this situation?

The simple and straight answer to this question is – humans have neglected their first “ prurushaarth ” called “ dharma ”. That's why human is not happy and suffering from these problems. Here dharma is not referred to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. Ayurveda has given 10 characteristics of dharma which are – patience, forgiveness, not stealing, sacredness of inside and outside, control over senses, wisdom, art, truth and anger control. These characteristics are for every human being of the world. Anybody can follow this dharma. These dharmas are unaffected from the shadow of any religion, caste or race.

Out of ten characteristics listed above, the first one “patience” can save you from stress and tension.

Patience and Meditationayurveda patience meditation
ayurveda patience meditation

To be protected, saved and free from stress and tension, we will have to develop the habit or characteristic of “Patience”. To get patience we will have to practice meditation. Because in order to have patience in our nature, it is very necessary to control the mind and psyche and to control the motion of mind and psyche. In order to make these efforts successful, meditation comes as very helpful source. Let's understand this..

First thing to understand is why patience and meditation both needs to be together? Is meditation not enough so patience is also necessary? Or, is patience not enough so meditation is also required? Understand this in this way – just like to helms are required to row a boat, both helms need to work together to row a boat, to fight stress and tension, both patience and meditation needed to work together. Patience and meditation both need to be implemented together in behaviour. If only one helm is used then boat will not move forward. Similarly, moving forward without stress and tension requires use of both meditation and patience.

Good (Sexual) Health

Though there are numerous problems faced by our young viewers but the major problems are two. First problem is unemployment and second is bad health. Some people are facing first problem and some are facing second. The other flank of the situation is that some people are facing both the problems and some are free from both problems. But such lucky people are very few who are free from both the problems. The subject of our website is Ayurveda and health hence we only talk about health related issues. In this world nothing is more important and pleasure giving then good health. There is also a saying in Ayurveda – “ pehla sukh nirogi kaaya ” (first pleasure is healthy body).but regrettably it is a fact that there is lack of “ nirogi kaaya” ( healthy body) among today's youth. So, in order to address this second problem, we have listed several Ayurveda Indian home remedies and Ayurveda health tips in several of our articles in Biovatica.com.

Psychology of Sex
Psychology of Sex

Mainly there are two types of sexual maturity in humans: - 1) Biological sexual maturity and 2) Psychic sexual maturity. This is because libido also has two types: - 1) Biological Libido and 2) Psychic Libido. Bio science says there is a “Biological Clock” in every human being.
ayurveda Biological Clock This clock is provided by nature. There is one another clock above this natural clock. This other clock is developed by us through practice by our habits. Thus, this second clock is called “Habit Clock”. Nature is always balanced. Hence, it asks for only what is needed. But habits are endless. Habits become practice and there is no limit how much can be asked by practice. Humans live by habits. Today's humans have, in sexual matters, applied “habit clock” above the “biological clock”. They have applied psychological arrangements above natural arrangements. Desires caused by habits are endless. Today humans are not able to identify whether the felt desires or libido is biological or psychic.

Sexual Health
ayurveda sexual health

Although Ayurveda has given a very vast, comprehensive, detailed and in-depth analysis and information about all aspects of physical and mental illnesses or diseases of human being but it is really strange that Ayurveda has not given a separate chapter or topic about the Sexual Health. Ayurveda has also not discussed Sexual Health as an important niche topic.

There is no separate or detailed analysis in Ayurveda about the very common sexual health conditions like erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Masturbation habits or Nocturnal emission. There are two possible reasons for this exclusion. First, Ayurveda's main objective is to secure the health of already healthy people and to eliminate the problems and diseases of ill or diseased people. And second, it is possible that in ancient time people did not suffer from sexual health problems as frequently as they are suffering today. This is due to Impact of Exposure to Sexually Explicit and Exploitative Materials in today's life.

As per Ayurveda's belief, having a strong and powerful body is the base of good sexual health. Ayurveda believes that Vaat,Pitta and Kapha are the major factor in the creation of human body. If these three are preserved in normal and disease-free form then human body becomes very strong and healthy. By leading a healthy lifestyle a good Sexual health can be maintained.

Ayurveda says male Sperms are the best, sublime and purest form of seventh metal which is made up of the food we eat. In all of Ayurveda epics and literature it is advised to preserve semen and sperms. All Ayurveda books have advised to protect the sperms. Here let's make it clear that Ayurveda has never asked to abstain from sexual activities because it is neither possible nor natural. Ayurveda has just advised not to indulge in excessive sexual activities.

In modern sexual point-of-view sexual activities are not harmful. Instead, they are beneficial for the body. They say excessive sexual indulgences are also good if they are done as per convenience and mutual consent. Some modern sex experts have even said that sexual activity is even an exercise and they have given it a new name called Sexercise.

Ancient experts of Ayurveda have advised to lead a controlled, moderate and limited sexual life. According to Ayurvedic medical science, the base of human body's activities is “Tridosh” (Vaat, Pitta and Kapha) and excessive sexual activities violets and disturbs the balance of Tridosh. “Vaat” is responsible for the physical activities related to Sexual acts, “pitta” controls the sexual desire or libido and “Kapha” directs the sexual power or sexual energy. There are three main factors which affect, control and balance Tridosh. These factors are Diet, Sleep and Celibacy. It is actually not easy to understand the true meaning of the word “Celibacy” and many times it is taken in the wrong context or meaning. So here; at Biovatica.Com we will call it “Regulated Sex”. Just like first factor “Diet”, this third factor “Regulated Sex” is important, too. In order to understand the importance of regulated sex, we will have to first discuss the effects, advantages and disadvantages of sexual activities on human body.

When human body is sexually aroused, it goes through some changes. In collective form it is called “Sexual Response Cycle”. This “Sexual Response Cycle” has four stages:-

1)  Excitement Phase

2)  Plateau Phase

3) Orgasmic Phase

4) Resolution Phase
ayurveda sexual response cycle

Sexual activities or intercourse affect our body through their effects on Central nervous system, physical energy and metabolism. Since sexual activities are controlled and run by Autonomic nervous system, let's first understand this nervous system's relationship with sexual activities and our body.

CNSsexual nervous system

Our body's nervous system has mainly two parts. One, Central nervous system (CNS) and two, Peripheral nervous system (PNS). Autonomic nervous system is a part of PNS. The Autonomic nervous system again has two parts which are “Parasympathetic nervous system” and “Sympathetic nervous system”. Autonomic nervous system controls those functions which are not in our control. These functions include Heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, digestive functions and secretion from various glands. Autonomic nervous system and Peripheral nervous system are dependent on each other in many ways. These two nervous systems play important roles in the sexual activities and intercourse.

Autonomic nervous system
Autonomic nervous system

Parasympathetic nervous system
Parasympathetic nervous system

Actually, there lies a dynamic equilibrium between Parasympathetic nervous system and Sympathetic nervous system. This dynamic equilibrium maintains the internal atmosphere (Homeostatic) of the body. Excessive sexual activities take our body to the Sympathetic system dominance. It badly affects the dynamic equilibrium balance and then its negative effects are faced by the body. It is important to understand that sexual activity has direct relation with these two systems so it can be both beneficial and harmful for the body.

Dominance of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems is responsible for the completeness of sexual activity. Both the systems play major part in sexual activity. First two phases of sexual activity (Excitement and plateau phase) are controlled by Sympathetic system dominance while last two phases (orgasmic and resolution phase) are controlled by the dominance of Parasympathetic system.

Sexual Energy
ayurveda sexual energy

No activity in this world happens without the energy, nor is it possible. Energy means power causes the flow and the flow causes the power. This means if there is power then there is flow and if there is flow then there is power. The soul of flow is power and power's body is flow due to its medium power means energy gets active, gets expressed. Now if flow means gati is in right direction, it is in right manner, it is for a divine cause, it is for good objective and purpose, only then it becomes satgati otherwise it is proved to be durgati. Sexual energy is also a power, a superpower whose use can be creative or destructive as well. It depends on every human being how do they want to use this boundless energy called sexual energy. In our view a person should surely think whatever activities he is doing, the way he is using his power or energy, brings satgati and not durgati. Because he is the one who will have to face its consequences. In past few years we have seen that there is more misuse of sexual energy instead of good use. Some people are misusing it unknowingly and some are doing it purposely. In Biovatica.com we have given detailed overview and Ayurveda guidelines about how to save sexual energy, how to nurture it and how to increase it. Read them, read them again and again, follow these guidelines and take health benefits.

Sexual Diseases and their Solutions
Ayurveda Sexual Health sexual healthsexual health

The main issue in today's most common sexual problems is lack of sufficient masculine-power, premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, weakness, tiredness, looseness of penis and lack of Stambhan( ejaculation) power. The main cause of these diseases is bad habits of childhood. Married life of the husband-wife suffering from these diseases becomes very mundane, irritating, frustrating and sad with the feeling of guilt which badly affects their behaviour, character, body and health. In uncertainty and disappointment they can't even think what to do. Hence after due consideration and deeply thinking about the matter we have decided to create Biovatica.Com so that we can give some guidance to the married and unmarried men about these issues, problems and diseases.

The biggest problem of the married men is lack of stambhan Shakti (Ejaculation power). Though we get numerous emails from unmarried men too who say they suffer from this problem. If they are suffering from this problem and are still unmarried, then it says all about their characters. Why don't people with such character suffer from this problem? Anyway…

This is winter season and we have listed numerous Ayurveda Indian home remedies for sexual health in Biovatica.Com. so that people can use these remedies and get the health benefits.

Sexual Energy and Importance of will power

Mental power and happiness are the best remedies for the people suffering from sexual weakness or erectile dysfunctions. Psyche should be unaffected by disappointment, sorrow, regret and sadness. These things cause lack of sexual energy.many patients of these sexual diseases are either unable to understand this thing or they do not want to understand this, or simply they don't have sufficient knowledge in this subject.that's why they ask for the “best” and “most effective” medicine. Recently a young boy from Texas has emailed us and said he has saved 1200 USD so far and asked how much more money is required to get the “best” and “most effective” remedy for the cure and treatments of these diseases. This innocent young man has saved $ 1200 and asking how much more money will be needed? Now it is so easy to cheat or con the money from such an innocent, sad and needy person! Ayurveda has told a true and experience based thing- “a patient who does not believe in his parents or siblings, puts his faith and trust on the doctor treating him”. Whatever medicine doctor gives, whatever treatment doctor gives, the patient takes it with blind eyes. This is the height of faith and trust. To cheat or con such patient is a major sin. We have given our and Ayurveda's view in detail because we want to open the eyes of such patients. We want to alert them so that they don't waste their money and health running after the medicines and doctors which are promising quick or miracle cures and treatments. Whatever amount of money you want to spend in those medicines, spend that amount in making your diet paushtik and balvardhak. Keep your digestion power intact, do exercise or yoga, eat healthy food, fruits and dry fruits with milk and ghee. Then you won't need any medicine. Precaution is better than medicines or treatments.

By giving this detailed overview, we have tried to make you understand that in order to cure sexual diseases or problems, instead of focusing on medicines it is important to focus more on your diet and mental health. Medicines are just a support that also when we are able to digest them.

Sexual Energy, Sexuality and Lust
ayurveda sexual health

According to Ayurveda Sex is not bad but sexual thoughts are bad. Indulging in sexual activities or intercourse is a different thing and lust is a different thing. After completing sexual activity or intercourse person becomes free from sex but lustful person doesn't become free because he keeps doing lustful thinking. Sexual thinking and lust thoughts are lust. A lustful person either lives in past or future. That's why he skips or misses the present.

Ayurveda believes that Sexual activity is a natural and candid procedure, a specific procedure which ends at a point after getting started. But sexual thinking or lustful thoughts are unnatural and perverted tasks because due to continuous sexual and lusty thoughts and psychic, sexual energy gets lost.

Sexual energy is the main power of creativity and is a base of productivity. Sexual energy is a workforce in the creation and functioning of this universe. Whatever creative works are done in the universe are being done through sexual energy. Universe's energy which is indulged in creativity is sexual energy itself. That's why in Ayurveda, just like other divine powers, sexual energy or “kaam” is regarded as one of the divine powers and thus, is called “ kaamdev”.

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, our body is just like this universe. And just like the creativity of universe; our body also accomplish several creative tasks. For this creativity we need energy. This energy flows in our body. Whenever this energy flows downward from its centre, it becomes sexual energy. And when this energy flows upwards it becomes the spiritual power. Energy is only one but its purpose changes due to change in its direction. A changed purpose change its use, changed uses changes its results. And a changed result changes the form of power.

Energy flowing downwards stimulates and excites the sexual organs. It comes out of the body and makes the body weaker; it gets absorbed in the nature. But the energy flowing upwards provides strength and vigour to the mind (brain) and body. This way “sexual energy” keeps the relationship with nature, universe and the divine God.

Sexual Activity and Ageing
Sexual Activity and Ageing

According to many Ayurveda experts, there is no pre-defined age limit for sexual life and humans can be involved in sexual activities for as long as they want. These experts say that sexual activities can be performed till any age. These experts give several examples to support their arguments, for example – someone gave child birth at the age of 90 years or somebody got married at the age of 90 and led a successful married life. No rule can be proved wrong by giving exceptions as examples. Thus, there is a saying that – “Exceptions proves the rules”. Many people's bodies start to show signs of aging after a certain age (middle age). This process is called aging. With the increasing age, Psyche and mind also experience the signs of aging. When our digestive system, immune system and thought process also get affected by aging then how can our sexual health remain unaffected by aging? When digestive system, nervous system and artery systems also get tired and cannot maintain or preserve their earlier abilities then how can the sexual system stay powerful and capable? Lesson to learn is that every work or activities are good and fruitful only when they are performed at appropriate time, with appropriate limits and with appropriate tricks. Childhood activities, mannerisms and behaviours don't look good in youth. Same is applicable in youth and old age.

Sexual Health, Sexual Ability and Healthy Diet
ayurveda diet

Diet is a very big word. Generally we assume that "Diet" means "food" or "eating food". But actually diet means taking something in the body from outside world. So, according to Ayurveda whatever intake we take inside our bodies is called the Diet. So as per this point-of-view we take diet not only through mouth but also through our ears, eyes, nose, skin and other organs as well. So according to Ayurvedic belief our entire body works as a dietary System. All organs of our body are taking things inside the body from the outside world.

Whatever we take inside the body will surely have its impacts on the body. Evil non-vegetarian diet like mutton, chicken, eggs, beef and entire non-veg food etc. are considered harmful in Ayurveda. All non-veg foods are heavy in nature and they make our body heavy by affecting our metabolism.

Regular intake of these non-veg diet hence creates a mysterious tension in the human body and increases the demand of sex. Due to this Ayurveda has advised and insisted to take simple vegetarian diet. Simple and healthy veg food is the best diet because it does not create sexual excitement or abuse. Instead it provides good sexual health and ability with a balanced effect.

Similarly, the diets taken by other organs affect the body in this manner. Viewing sexually explicit materials (nude scenes or porn watching), sexual sounds, smell or touch etc. also create sexual excitement and abuse. Viewing and reading sexually explicit content repeatedly comes in our mind and affect our entire being. This result in wet dreams and starts the health conditions called Premature Ejaculation, Nocturnal Emission (Wet Dreams, Night Fall), Masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction in men. In Biovatica.Com we have explored the sexual health conditions of Men and Women and the Indian Ayurvedic remedies for the cure and treatments of these sexual health conditions.


सफल व्यक्ति

अपना कार्य सिद्ध करने में सफल होने वाला व्यक्ति ही सफल माना जाता है. अपना कार्य सिद्ध करने के लिए चतुर व्यक्ति साम, दाम, दण्ड, भेद इन चारों में से जो उपाय उपयोगी हो और आवश्यक हो, उसका प्रयोग कर सफलता प्राप्त कर लेता है. प्रेमपूर्ण व्यवहार करने, मेल जोल बनाये रखने, प्रशंसा करने, स्वयं पहले नमस्कार करने, सेवा और मान-सम्मान करने, नम्रता रखने, धैर्यवान और साहसी रहने, विद्यावान होने, दान देने, हंस कर स्वागत करने और भले कामों के लिए सदैव तैयार रहने वाला व्यक्ति किसी को भी वश में कर सकता है. ऐसे गुण वाला व्यक्ति ही सफल व्यक्ति हो सकता है.


सुखी और सफल जीवन के सूत्र

जिस पुत्र के मौजूद रहते हुए माता पिता को दुःख होता है, उनका सत्कार नहीं होता, वह भाग्यहीन पुत्र निरंतर पीड़ित हुआ करता है. और जिस पुत्र की उत्तम सेवा से माता पिता प्रसन्न होते हैं वह प्रशंसित और सुखी होता है
--ऋग्वेद (Rigveda )

हे मनुष्यों, तुम अपने माता पिता को उत्तम रस, गुण और स्वाद वाले फलों, घी, दूध, उत्तम रीति से पकाया हुआ पोषक तत्वों से युक्त अन्नादि का आहार व् उचित व्यवहार देकर उन्हें तृप्त और प्रसन्न रखकर स्वस्थ व् सुखी रखो.
-- यजुर्वेद (Yajurveda )

सब कुछ प्रभु का ही है इस भावना के साथ, निष्काम भाव से कर्म करता हुआ सौ वर्ष तक जीने की इच्छा करने वाला मनुष्य कर्म बंधन से मुक्त रहता है. इसके अतिरिक्त दुःख से बचने का और कोई मार्ग नहीं.
--उपनिषद (Upanishad )

मनुष्य के मन में संतोष होना स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति से भी बढ़कर है. संतोष ही सबसे बड़ा सुख है. मन में संतोष के भली-भांति प्रतिष्ठित हो जाने पर जो सुख-शांति की उपलब्धि होती है उससे बढ़कर संसार में और कुछ भी नहीं है.
- महाभारत (Mahabharata )

जो शास्त्र के विधि-विधान को त्यागकर अपनी इच्छा से मनमाना आचरण करता है, वो न सिद्धि को प्राप्त होता है, न परम गति को प्राप्त होता है और न सुख को ही प्राप्त होता है.
-- श्रीमद भगवद गीता (Srimad Bhagwad Gita )

मकड़ी जिस प्रकार स्वनिर्मित जाल में स्वयं फंस जाती है उसी प्रकार अपने राग द्वारा निर्मित स्त्रोत में मानव फंस जाता है. धैर्यवान व्यक्ति इस स्त्रोत को छिन्न भिन्न कर दुखों को त्याग कर आकांक्षारहित होता हुआ चलता है.
--धम्म पद (Dhamm Pada )

भूख, प्यास, ठण्ड, गर्मी , भय आदि को बिना दुखी हुए सह लेना चाहिए. क्योंकि दैहिक दुखों को संभावपूर्वक सहन करना महाफलदायी होता है.
-- चाणक्यनीति (Chanakya Niti )
Chanakya Niti

संतोष रूपी अमृत से तृप्त और शांत चित्त वाले मनुष्यों को जो सुख, शांति और आनंद मिलता है , वह धन के लोभ से इधर उधर भागने वाले मनुष्यों को नहीं मिल सकता.
-- चाणक्यनीति (Chanakya Niti )

जैसा तुम्हारा पिता दयावन्त है वैसे भी तुम भी दयावन्त बनो. दोष मत लगो तो तुम पर भी दोष नहीं लगाया जायेगा. दोषी ना ठहराओ तो तुम भी दोषी नहीं ठहराए जाओगे. क्षमा करो तो तुम्हारी भी क्षमा की जाएगी. दिया करो तो तुम्हे भी दिया जायेगा.
-- अमृत वचन (Amrit Vachan )

अहंकार से मुक्ति

परमात्मा के हुकुम की कोई व्याख्या संभव नहीं है, परम की इच्छा की कोई शाब्दिक अभिव्यक्ति नहीं हो सकती. विश्व के सभी रूप आकार उसी की इच्छा द्वारा सर्जित हैं. उसी के हुकुम से विभिन्न जीवों को अलग-अलग योनियों को धारण करना होता है. और उसकी स्वेच्छा से ही जीव बड़े-छोटे आकार और पद प्राप्त करते हैं. परमात्मा की इच्छा से ही जीव उत्तम-नीच योनि में आता है और सुख दुःख को प्राप्त होता है. परमात्मा जिस पर कृपा कर देता है उसे आत्म-पद दे कर मुक्त करता है और अन्य को जन्म-मरण के आवागमन में भी उसी की ही इच्छा से ही रहना होता है. तात्पर्य यह है की विश्व का प्रत्येक कार्य-व्यापार और व्यवहार परमात्मा के हुकुम से बंधा है, उससे बाहर कुछ भी नहीं. यदि जीवात्मा इस तथ्य को सही परिप्रेक्ष में पहचान ले और सब दशा में ईश्वर का हुकुम सर-माथे पर धारण करे तो वह अहंकार के परिवेश (मैं करता हूँ, मई करूँगा आदि ) से मुक्त होता है.

श्री सत्य साईं बाबा वचनामृत

ईश्वर प्रेम है और प्रेम ही ईश्वर है. तुम जिससे भी मिलो उसमे ईश्वर देखो, जिस वस्तु को प्रयोग में लो उसमे ईश्वर देखो. परस्पर आदर भाव रखो. ह्रदय में ईर्ष्या और घृणा का बीज न पड़ने दो ताकि, मन, वचन और कर्म में प्रेम, एकता दिव्यता, दानशीलता आदि की पवित्र धारा बहती रहे और जीवन की अंतिम सांस तक अवरुद्ध न हो. भारत के प्राचीन ऋषियों का यही उपदेश है. अपने कर्म को पूजा समझ कर प्रभु के चरणकमलों में समर्पित करते हुए करो तो तुम भरपूर हर्ष, शांति , विश्राम और आनंद को उपलब्ध हो जाओगे. सेवा से ही तुम अधिकार प्राप्त कर सकते हो और इन्द्रियों , कामनाओं तथा भेदभाव पर अधिकार प्राप्त कर दिव्यता प्राप्त कर सकते हो.


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