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Tridoshas:Vata, Pitta, Kapha ( hindi: त्रिदोष : वात, पित्त, कफ )

Enraging/aggravation or misbalancing of Tridoshas is called Sannipaat or Sannipata. A dosha is misbalanced by certain causes/reasons, diet regimen and lifestyles (Aahar-vihaar). Maintaining a regimen against those causes and situations pacifies the doshas.

Vata imbalance –> Due to long term use of light, dry and easily digestible food, eating too little food for too many days, suffering from sorrow, sadness or worry after not being able to get something desired and beloved, staying awake for late nights, taking bath for too long time, due to the loss of dhaatus like rasa and rakta , and due to undue lustfulness, Vata ( vaayu , Air) gets imbalanced. Vata gets defected due to indigestion and constipation, too. Vata also gets imbalanced after the food is digested, in the second half of night and in the fourth stage of life (in old age). Vata is also remains likely to be negatively affected and imbalanced in the rainy season.
Vata dosha

Pitta imbalance –> Causes of pitta imbalance are eating spicy , too hot, too sour and too much fried food, drinking too hot beverages and drinks, staying too long in hot and sunny atmosphere, being angry and staying thirsty for too long. Pitta imbalance also happens at the start of food digestion process, midnight and at the younger or youth stage of life.
pitta dosha

Kapha imbalance ->

Kapha gets imbalanced due to eating too soft, too sweet, too oily food, heavy foods that are difficult in getting digested, takes too long in digestion, excess eating of cold or chilled foods, eating acescent, acetic or acid food and foods prepared in spoiled oil. Kapha also gets imbalanced at the end of meal and in early morning. Kapha gets imbalanced due to laziness, not doing any work and sleeping too much.


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