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Acupressure treatment for Depression

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by the following:

•  Psychological aspect : (mental symptoms)

•  Loss of pleasure in life, loss of interest in oneself & others.

•  Low self-esteem (under confident), feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness.

•  Self-blame and excessive feeling of guilt.

•  Suicidal tendency

•  Somatic aspects : (physical symptoms)

•  Sleep disturbances – sleepiness or sleeplessness or hypersomnia

•  Fatigue, headache, various other pains.

•  Anorexia (loss of appetite), weight loss or weight gain, constipation

•  Poor concentration reduced sexual desire, psychomotor retardation (reduction of movements caused by one's will).


Acupressure treatment for depression( sadness):

Du 20

H 7

P 6

Sp 6

St 36

UB 62

CV 6

Li 4

Reflex points: brain, pituitary, pineal, thyroid.

Depression Ayurveda cure and free Indian home remedies for depression treatment

Depression is a psychological disease which comes as the result of daily life troubles and problems. This disease's patient is a person who considers himself a patient and actually he is not suffering from any disease. He starts thinking about everything past, present and future. Even if a doctor says that he is not suffering from any disease, he visits one doctor after other. The patient himself destroys his disease resistance ability by continuous negative thoughts and feelings. Insecurity, feelings of disappointment and hopelessness, disinterest in meeting and mingling with others, feelings of unnecessary guilt and sorrow, loss of appetite are some of the common signs and symptoms of depression.

Depression is a disease which can have multiple causes like psychological, biological, social, financial, relations related or situational, diet related or personality related etc. Below we are listing free Ayurveda Indian home remedy for the treatments and cure for depression.

1)  Depression patient should eat 2 pills each of divya rasayan vati and Shankhpushpi vati.

2) 4-4 spoonful each of Saarasvatarisht and Ashvagandharisht both times after the meals.

3)  Eat 4-6 almonds every morning with misri.


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