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Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)

kali mirch (black pepper)

You all must be familiar with Kali Mirch (black pepper) because generally it is used as a masala or ingredient in the

kitchen. Kali Mirch is also used as an ingredient in several Ayurveda home remedies. Many people perhaps don't know that Kali Mirch is used as a contributory ingredient in about 80% Indian Ayurveda home remedies. . Though it is used as contributory ingredient in many Ayurvedic remedies, mainly it is used in the remedies for treating Mandagni (slow digestive power or slow digestion capacity), fever, cold and cough, Afara of stomach and skin diseases. Its external use in skin diseases is extremely useful.

Kali Mirch is a plant of Lata species which is mainly found in the south Indian states of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra.

Characteristics of Kali Mirch – Kali Mirch is sharp, spicy, Mandagni stimulant, cough killer and hot.

Uses of Kalimirch as an Ayurvedic home remedy – In our country kalimirch is used as an Ayurvedic home remedy since ancient times. It is used in Ayurveda's popular Trikoot churna .

Trikoot churna (also called trikuta churna and trikut powder or Trikatu churna)

Trikut churna is prepared with mainly three ingredients Kali mirch, saunth and peepal . Trikut churna is not only beneficial in many diseases but it is also used as a contributory in several Ayurvedic home remedies.

Ingredients of trikut churnaKali mirch (black pepper, Saunth (dry jinger) and Peepal .

Preparation method of Trikoot churna – take 100 grams each of kali mirch, saunth and peepal. Mix and grind thin all three ingredients and prepare a powder. Your trikut churna is ready.

Dosage and quantity of trikut churna – take half spoonful of this powder with milk in the morning.

Advantages and benefits of trikoot churna – if we look separately into all three ingredients then saunth works positively on the body's cells, Kali mirch removes excess air from the stomach which result in good digestion of food. And peepal does good work for digestive system and breathing system as well. Hence this powder is useful in any type of stomach disease or abdominal illness. It treats in stomach disorders like indigestion, acidity, Atisaar and Afaara etc. this churna actually causes secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach and intestine making it useful in the condition of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well. Apart from treating abdominal diseases, this powder is very beneficial in treating the problems relating to breathing system.

It increases the immunity of the body and removes poisonous elements from the body.

Below we are listing some diseases which can be treated with Ayurvedic home remedies prepared using Kali Mirch (black pepper):-

1)  Indigestion treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– prepare a juice of kali milk and drink. Take 25 -25 gram powders of kali Mirch , saunth, peepal and harad . Mix and grind all powders together. Taking half spoonful of this powder with honey every morning cures the problems related to indigestion.

2) Cholera treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)kali Mirch powder and baked heeng 1- 1 gram each and Kapoor 2 grams. First mix kapoor and heeng then mix kali mirch powder in it and prepare 16 small pills from this solution. Taking 1 pill with the gap of half hours provides relief in the first stage of cholera.

3)  Night Blindness treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mixing kali mirch with curd and applying it into the eyes cures night blindness.

4) Udar-shool (Abdominal Colic) treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mixing ginger juice with lemon juice and putting 1 gram kali mirch powder provides relief in abdominal pain and abdominal colic.

5)  Mandagni (Dyspepsia) treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– take 25 grams each of Kali mirch , saunth , peepal , jeera and sendha namak. Mix all ingredients together to prepare a powder. Taking half spoonful of this powder with milk improves digestion power and treats the condition of dyspepsia.

6)  Coryza (common cold) treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)Kali Mirch is a home remedy of common cold for the entire India. In this treatment of common cold kali mirch is often mixed in the milk and given to the patient. Tea of kali mirch is also a very common Indian home remedy for coryza. Kali mirch works as an anti-allergic remedy.

7)  Piles treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mix 25 grams kali Mirch with 12 grams jeera and prepare a powder. Taking half spoonful of this powder with honey or sugar provides relief in piles.

8)  Swelling treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper) – applying kali Mirch grinded with water to the swelling area provides relief in swelling.

9)  Purulent Rhinitis treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– eating half spoonful of kali Mirch with Gud and curd treats purulent Rhinitis.

10)  Eye problems treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mix half gram kali Mirch powder in ghee and lick the solution. It treats the eye related diseases.

11)  Bronchitis and Asthma treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper) – licking half spoonful kali Mirch powder with honey removes cough from the lungs, treats cold, bronchitis and asthma.

12)  Urticaria treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mix kali Mirch powder in ghee. Eating this solution and applying to the skin treats Urticaria.

13)  Nasal bleeding treatment with Kali Mirch (black pepper)– mix kali Mirch powder with jaggery and eat the solution with curd. It treats nasal bleeding


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