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We feel immensely pleased to bring out this website on Acupressure for the readers who sincerely want to know about it. We hope our website will be useful for those enthusiasts who wish to practice Acupressure to provide relief to the human being suffering from various ailments.

It is an effort to put forth the basics of the science of acupressure and to clarify the possible doubts which may occur while practising it. Techniques discussed in this website, if used in a proper manner will not only bring desired results but also reduce the excessive intake of medicines on the part of the patient.

Whatever we studied and experienced during our professional career, we have tried to put it in front of you in simple language. We have taken special pains to simplify the difficult medical terms so that one can understand them easily.

It took us very long to plan and create this website on Acupressure. We are not professional writers, but the intense desire to share our knowledge with you and a wholehearted effort to make you acquainted with this miraculous science, have resulted in this practical website, about Acupressure.

Introduction to Acupressure


Acupressure is an ancient mode of treatment, known to mankind for last 6000 years. Till date thousands of people from various countries have learned this mode of treatment and many people are practising it. It is now a widely accepted mode of treatment all over the world.

Acupressure is a very natural way of treatment.it is as natural as one's instinct to hold his head while having a headache or rubbing against a painful part.

In our day to day practice too, knowingly or unknowingly we have adapted acupressure therapy.

It can be very well explained through the following examples:

1)  Tying a thread around the waist, wrist & ankle of a baby.

2) Wearing a locket

3) Indian females wear a vermillion (bindi) on a point which is very important from acupressure point of view.

4) Similarly different ornaments worn especially by Indian females like bangles, anklets, etc. are beneficial as they stimulate the acupressure points.

Acupressure is a scientific mode of treatment based on the principle of pressure & stimulation. It flushes out the toxins from affected part & relaxes it by stimulating the related points through acupressure.

If we split the word “acu pressure”, we will easily understand its basic principal.

Viz. Acu = To remove

Pressure = applying that much force, para enough to cure the disease.

Thus acupressure is to remove a disease by applying pressure. Such pressure is applied either manually (by fingers, thumbs, knuckls) or through various acupressure instruments.

Every person has the resistance power against the disease. But in some individual it becomes weak or goes dormant due to certain adverse conditions. Acupressure awakens this dormant power and energizes it.

There are some other therapies which work on the similar basis of applying pressure and removing disease. These are practiced and recognized in various parts of the world.

These therapies are: -





Working mechanism of acupressure

Here we are going to study the phenomenon that occurs in our body after applying the pressure. Before coming to this point, let us see” how do we get ill?”

This can be explained by the following example:-


If we fill a bottle with clean water and keep it for some days, we will observe that there is a layer of sedimented particles at the base of the bottle, due to the effect of atmosphere.

Similarly, in a diseased body, toxins in the form of “Crystals” get settled down at various sites especially at fingertips and toe tips where nerve ending is present. This causes disturbance in the blood flow and the person becomes sick.

Acupressure breaks these crystals to establish normal blood flow and regain health. This is done through the stimulation of various acupressure points.

Acupressure points are the places on the skin which are sensitive to the bio energy flowing in our body. Traditionally speaking, these points are junctions of special pathways which carry bio-energy/ bio-electricity. Stimulation of these points through acupressure triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the neurochemicals that relieve pain. As a result; pain is relieved and the blood circulation and oxygen flow is increased. The affected part is thus relaxed as healing takes place.

By normalizing the blood circulation and increasing the flow of oxygen, acupressure increases the body's resistance against various diseases and mental stress.

In acupressure, local symptoms are considered as an expression of the condition of a body as a whole. E.g. (i) a tension headache may be rooted in the shoulders or neck congestion.

(ii) Difficulty in breathing may be related to mental stress.

Thus when we apply acupressure to relieve pain and discomfort, it also cures the basic reason behind it. In this way the imbalance of energy is corrected before it is developed into a disease.


Like any other science; acupressure is based on certain principles which can be described as follows:-

1) Treatment is done after considering both mental & physical aspects of the disease. e.g. by stimulating brain points, the patient is brought into the positive frame of mind. Treatment is concluded by treating kidney points which flushes out the blockage through urination.

2) Acupressure points are present in various reflex areas. The reflex areas have nerve endings (in hand & feet) & are connected to various organs in the manner as a switch is connected to a tubelight. That's why when we stimulate a point through acupressure, the connected organ is also stimulated.

3) The blockage created by toxins in our body hampers the normal body functioning. As a result, the person gets ill. Acupressure removes such blockage to establish normal body functions.

4) The saturation of harmful substances causes crystallization under the skin of fingertips and toes. Acupressure breaks these crystals and helps to flush it out through urination.

5) Acupressure maintains the balance between Yin and Yang i.e. bioenergy of our body. In diseased conditions, there is a leakage of energy which is repaired by acupressure.


1) Acupressure is easy to practice.

2)  Acupressure is the safest mode of practice without any side effects.

3) Acupressure revitalizes body's immune system by increasing resistance.

4)  Acupressure normalizes the functioning of the endocrine system.

5)  Musculature becomes more flexible.

6)  Disorders related to nervous systems are cured.

7)  Acupressure maintains the circulation and supply of various nutrients in the body.

8)  Acupressure improves the skin texture and enhances its glow; it also reduces wrinkles.

9)  Acupressure gives soothing effect in mental disorders.

10)  No special instruments are required for acupressure. Acupressure can be done manually.

Acupressure instructions for the therapists

A person doing acupressure should keep in mind the following things:-

1)  Start the treatment with the brain points.

2) Start the treatment from the left side of the body. As the heart lies in the left, circulation is more powerful.

3) There should be a gap of at least 1 hour between the meals & the treatment.

4)If the patient is taking any medicine, acupressure should be done ½ an hour after taking the medicine.

5) There should be a gap of ½ an hour if the patient has just taken a bath.

6)  Maximum 2 sittings a day can be done.

7)  Patients who have faith in acupressure give better results as they don't have any suspicion in mind. So the therapist should assure the patient of betterment before starting the treatment.

8)  Therapist should treat the patient with sincerity, devotion and a gentle, soothing attitude.

9)  Counselling is necessary if the patient is depressed or sad. Start the treatment after bringing the patient in a positive frame of mind.

10)  Only that much pressure which is tolerable by the patient should be applied.

11)  Pressure should range from feather touch to body weight pressure; as per the requirement.

12)  Time: duration of applying pressure depends on the severity of the disease and age of the patient. It ranges from minimum of 20 seconds and maximum up to 90 seconds.

13)  On delicate areas like face and abdomen, pressure should be applied only for 3 seconds.

14)  Position of the patient: make the patient sit or lie down as per the requirement.

15)  Remove your finger with jerk after applying pressure.

16)  Therapist's hands should be clean with nails properly and evenly cut.

17)  Don't treat the patient if you yourself (therapist) are not well.

18)  The place of treatment should be clean, quiet and isolated.

19)  In case of a fracture, exclude that area. If possible, avoid the treatment till the patient gets well.

20)  Don't apply pressure on scars.

21)  Don't give treatment during pregnancy.

22)  If the patient is under the influence of stimulants or alcohol, avoid treating him/her.

23) Don't treat the patient when he is hungry.

24)  Jimmy should be used only on palms and soles, not on bony areas.

25)  Kidney points should be taken at the end of the treatment.

Acupressure instructions for the patients

1)  Position of the patient: patient should sit or lie down without crossing limbs.

2)  Avoid eating spices of all types.

3)  Avoid sour things like pickle, curd and vinegar

4)  Avoid ice-cream, cold drinks or food with preservatives.

5)  Avoid non-vegetarian diet, sea food etc.

6)  Avoid mental stress. Think positive and cooperate with the therapist during the treatment.

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